Burton Fleming Parish Councillors

There are 9 Parish Councillors for Burton Fleming and all vacancies are filled as follows:

Cllr Keith Wells
Southfield House, South Lane, Burton Fleming, Driffield, YO25 3PG, Tel: 01262 470280

Vice Chairman:
Cllr Stephen Brambles
Spring Cottage, South Street, Burton Fleming, Driffield, YO25 3NZ, Tel: 01262 470226

Cllr Jill Hairsine
Refuge Farm, Ninedykes Road, Rudston, Driffield, YO25 3DP, Tel: 01262 470233

Cllr Julia Jackson
18 Wold Newton Road, Burton Fleming, Driffield, YO25 3PH, Tel: 01262 470523

Cllr Robert Lindley
North Burton Hall, Burton Fleming, Driffield, YO25 3PT, Tel: 01262 470519

Cllr Andrew Marr
Contactable through the Parish Council

Cllr Carol Skelton
Clickham Grange, Wold Newton, Driffield, YO25 3PH, Tel: 01262 470409

Cllr Brenda Southwell
Pear Tree Farm, South Lane, Burton Fleming, Driffield, YO25 3PG, Tel: 01262 470349

Cllr Stephen Wells
Manor House Farm, Burton Fleming, Driffield, YO25 3PS, Tel: 01262 470256

East Wolds and Coastal Ward Councillors

Cllr Jane Evison
Rosemary Cottage, Church Lane, Atwick, Driffield, YO25 8DH, Tel: 01964 534393

Cllr Jonathan Owen
Richmond House, Southsie, Kilham, Driffield, YO25 4ST, Tel: 01262 420550

Cllr Paul Lisseter
Ivy House, 14 Station Road, Hutton Cranswick, Driffield, YO25 9QZ, Tel: 07957 383720