Burton Fleming Sports & Recreation Club

The Burton Fleming Sport and Recreational Club was initially created c2000 to manage the establishment of the children’s play park on Penny Lane.  

Money was raised through various grants, donations and fundraising activities to pay for the necessary planning documents, planning fees, play equipment, inspection fees, insurance and other associated costs.

The playground continues to thrive but not without the time and effort of the committee and its continued support.  The play park is not covered by the Parish Council Precept therefore funds are still required to cover the costs of the upkeep of the play equipment, annual safety inspections and annual insurance, which are required by law.

Current fundraising activities are the ‘Friends of the Park’ initiative which is well supported.  This is an initiative whereby residents pledge a gift of money annually and this is collected by the committee members through a door to door process.  It is not compulsory for any resident to participate.

When the Gypsey Race flows the committee organises a duck race and a raffle with prizes.  This is very well supported and great fun.

Meetings and AGMs are held a couple of time a year and residents are always welcome to attend these meetings.   Dates are usually published in the Burton Fleming Village Newsletter.

Contributions from the community are always welcome as are any offers to join the membership of the committee to help run the Sports Club.


Jim Coleman, 01262 470850, jim@westfieldyorks.com